Who we are

Our story began:

Since our launch in October 2017 from our home, we've always stood for superior quality and locally produced products.

Today we have a shop in Constantia Village, Cape Town, filled with some extraordinary home decor and fragrances, jewelry, paintings, handbags as well as many other lovingly crafted products, not only for you to enjoy but to be given as gifts to your loved ones.

We value thoughtful details and the love put into each of our products. Unique designs and art are all hand crafted by creative South African artisians. 

It's these founding principles that define who we are.

We like that our style is synonymous with joy, and supporting our own. 

Who we are:

The Little House

A treasure trove to explore

Offering exquisite hand painted scarves 

Elegantly warm cardigans 

Sublime cozy hand knitted blankets 

Glamorous jewelry 

Romantic candles & diffusers 

Gifts for the dining room, kitchen & home  

Fashionable clothing & handbags 

And many more products, each lovingly made by local artisans.

Our purpose:

We feel everyday should feel as invigorating as the start of a long weekend.

Excited, Relaxed, happy together

Let's enjoy the moments we live - and the moments we shop

The team:


i collect .. clothing, jewelry, perfumes and home decor.

​i indulge in.. coffee, ice cream either vanilla or with a hint of toffee .

the flowers on my table .. are always roses, which remind me of growing up in my mothers garden .

​i find inspiration in.. old furniture and clothing. I like exploring how things are constructed and travel too,it free's my mind.


i collect .. books, gemstones and video games.

i indulge in.. sushi

the flowers on my table .. are always irisis and dahilas. The brightly coloured flowers were always in bloom in my grandparents' garden in winter , and will always remind me of the chilly days spent visiting their home.

​i find inspiration in.. books and old music. Reading books and listening to old music always transports me to a different time or different place, and opens my mind to new ideas to write stories or just unwind .


i collect .. records, old vintage books and perfumes

i indulge in.. anything food related.

the flowers on my table .. are always a collection of wild flowers and sunflowers. My mothers favourite colour has always been yellow and they always bring me happiness.

​i find inspiration in.. travel and spending hours appreciating works of art from all around the world.


i collect .. memories 

i indulge in.. reading good books whenever i have the free time.

the flowers on my table .. are always sunflowers because to me they symbolize faith, loyalty and adoration. 

i find inspiration in.. all sorts of people and their stories that they carry around with them.


i collect .. scented candles 

i indulge in.. coffee and building puzzles

the flowers on my table .. are always yellow, orange and bright pink roses as they brighten up any room and seeing them can always make my day better.

i find inspriation in.. my friends and family as they are always there for me when i need them and are beautiful in every way